Andy Makes


Hermit Crab In Space


Originally created as part of the Sony sponsored PlayStation Mobile jam at the first Indiecade East, Hermit Crab In Space is the third game by Golden Ruby Games. One part StarFox, one part Minecraft with a healthy dose of Captain Forever mixed in, Hermit Crab in Space won the IndieCade East GameJam in February 2013 and became a finalist at IndieCade the following year.

Players take the role of a hermit crab who has warped herself into the wrong sector and must cobble together a ship from the parts she blasts off her opponents. The game makes use of the touch screen and tactile buttons of the Vita by allowing players to drag free-floating pieces to their ship and then select a button to activate them. This means that players create their ship and control scheme on the fly while playing.

Level and enemy design was done by Jane Friedhoff.

It is available on any PSM enabled device, but is intended to be played on the Vita. You can visit its PSM page here.