Andy Makes


Find Me A Good One


Find Me A Good One was created with Haitham Ennasr as our MFA thesis at Parsons The New School For Design, and was nominated as an Indiecade 2012 Finalist. It can be downloaded and played on PC or MAC here.

Find Me A Good One is a puzzle platformer that explores the sense of responsibility felt by players towards non-playing fictional characters. Although the brother in Find Me A Good One is clearly dependent on the player, it is up to the player to decide how much they want to help their sibling. While most games force the player to complete the task at hand in order to move on, Find Me A Good One allows the player to be diligent in their responsibility, or shirk it in order to further explore the dreamscape of the game. Because the system does not assign value to her actions, the player is left to judge their own actions and the effect they have on their virtual brother.