Andy Makes


Doodle Defense


Doodle Defense is a tower defense game that explores drawing as a means for game interaction and play. Players draw mazes and towers on a whiteboard with regular dry erase markers to stop projected foes. The game received 150% backing on Kickstarter and has been featured on,
EngadgetPC WorldUbergizmoFastCo DesignUGO’s list of the top video game Kickstarter projects and many other publications. It went on to be shown at Come Out And Play San Francisco, SF MOMA and the Dublin Science Gallery.

The game uses a camera and a projector in conjunction with the whiteboard to create a unique platform for play. The code and system is all my own, written in openFrameworks. The code is open source and can be viewed here.

All art in the game was done by Michelle Belickis

The game is available for free for whiteboard at and for $2 on iPad