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Permanent PARTICLE MACE price reduction on!

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Particle Mace Announcement!

Our friends at have always been incredibly supportive of indie development – they provide a selfless service that is so important and valued in our community. So! This Saturday we’ve decided to lower our price over at permanentlyby a dollar.

Buy Particle Mace now for just $7.99 at! Fight your friends, or team up with your friends – you choose – either way, check out and have a blast!


-the Particle Mace team

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PARTICLE MACE goes to MAGfest and launches TOMORROW! Plus Art Contest!

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Hey everyone,

We’re on our way to MAGFest and we’re pretty pumped that launch day is one sleep away!

We’ve planned a fun activity for the booth this weekend: we’d like you to come by and draw some PARTICLE MACE fanart. We’ve got the supplies, so after you’re done just leave your creation with us and sign it with your twitter handle. Every day of MAGFest we’re going to give out PARTICLE MACE codes (for PC/Mac) to the top contributors! Don’t worry if you’re not a pro artist – we’re judging based on how genuine your submissions are, so doodle ~with love~ and I’m sure you’ll see a code come your way. We just ask that we give one code per winner – although we’re happy to showcase as many drawings as you can make at the booth and on twitter! If you don’t have twitter, make sure you stick your email on your submission so we can tell you when you win. ;)

So, if you’re looking to come rock some local multiplayer, just say hi, or maybe just take a break and doodle some pretty things, we’re the booth for you. Maya Felix (@legobutts) and Andy (@Andy_Makes) will be around to play with you, or chat about, you know, what’s up with you, oh not much, just hanging out, playin some games…oh I almost forgot, remember to sign up for our midnight tournament that we’re holding late Sunday night/early Monday morning – signup sheet is at our booth. Don’t miss it, this is your chance to shine! We believe in youuuuu!

Okay can’t wait to see you there, and remember: tomorrow’s the day, so spread the word! We’ll be tweeting/posting about the release and would love it if you could share some links with your communities or throw us a retweet. <3 -the PARTICLE MACE team

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PARTICLE MACE is Coming Out January 23rd!

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Okay, I’m excited!! BIG stuff to talk about today. PARTICLE MACE is, after a long road of development, ready for launch! We’ve coordinated our launch day of January 23rd with the first day of MAGFest, where PARTICLE MACE will be playable in both a booth and in the arcade. If you’re planning on coming to MAGFest you’ll have to make sure to come by, say hi, and maybe even win a tournament!

As for the official stuff: we’ve launched an updated website, complete with new screenshots. If you’re press and you’d like to have a look, check out our presskits or send us an email at to grab a copy of the game, give it a play, and tell us what you think!

A quick note to keep in mind – if you buy the game on Steam Early Access (or before January 23rd, you’ll get it at the current discounted price of $5. Our launch price goes up to $8.99 so make sure you get in early if you want that discount.

Just a quick thank you to everyone who made this whole process possible. The PARTICLE MACE team, friends, family, everyone who has been playing on Early Access – PARTICLE MACE wouldn’t finally be done without you. <3

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My (Incomplete) List Of Favorite Games From 2014

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I tend to be really bad at keeping track of games I’ve played, and end of the year lists are hot hot hot anyway, so I thought I’d put together a little list of some of my favorites from 2014. I’m excluding games that I had direct involvement in, because you already know that those are the best. These are in no particular order because I’m not about ranking things. So without further ado, let’s get this list rolling!


Sportsfriends by Die Gute Fabrik


I love Sportsfriends. All four games (not counting the hidden ones!) have been staples of my local multiplayer library for some time now. This package improved on all of them in terms of both look and gameplay and at long long last, there is a commercial release of J.S. Joust.


Dream Quest by Peter M Whalen


This game looks terrible; the art is placeholder at best. This game has also consumed more of my time than any other game this year. It’s an amazing little deckbuilding game that offers up a huge amount of depth. This and last year’s brilliant 868 Hack have made my phone one of my most viable rouglelike platforms.


The Splits by Illya Zerembsky


This collection of blisteringly hard twitch games has kept me busily cursing since I first played them a few months ago. All of the games are good, but Over Easy comes with my highest recommendation. Illya also put together a list of Kickstarter rewards that is a work of art all on its own.


The Yawhg by Emily Carrol & Damian Sommer


Beautifully written, beautifully drawn and beautifully scored, The Yawhg moves effortlessly between silliness and melancholy creating a new story every time. The chose-your-own-adventure style makes it incredibly accessible without sacrificing depth. Several of my friends who claim to not play any games were drawn in by this delightful multiplayer adventure.




There’s not much to say about this one. It’s just pure fun. Even if all of the combat was removed, simply flying around the neon arena & leaving streaks and trails through the sky would be enough to sell me on it.


Soundself by Robin Arnott


Introspective, surreal and highly experiential, Soundself creates a meditative trance fueled by your own chanting. In addition to being a fascinating and powerful experience, I love how it is pushing the boundaries of what counts as a game.


Slash Dash by Nevernaut Games


Not technically out yet, but I’ve been playing this 2v2 capture the flag game in various forms since early 2012. It has constantly been getting better and has become a game that I am always happy to play (even if I’m not that good at it).


Threes by Sirvo


You  know Threes, right? How much do I have to say about Threes? It’s great. If you have an iPhone, and you don’t own this game, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.


Kentucky Route Zero (Act III) by Cardboard Computer


Only the most recent act came out this year, but any excuse to talk about Kentucky Route Zero is a good one. The magical realist world of the game is rendered in the most stunningly beautiful and stylish way, proving not only that point and click adventure is still a viable genre, but that it does not have to limit itself to old styles and technologies.


Device 6 by Simogo


This is the House Of Leaves of iPad games. Simogo just keeps trying new things and excelling every step of the way.


Luftrausers by Vlambeer


Like ROCKETS, this game just feels perfect. Given their track record, it is no surprise that Vlambeer nailed it, but Luftrausers is a masterwork of game feel.


Nothing Good Can Come Of This by Cartwheel Games


Michael Consoli’s free 2 player versus game takes a simple concept and control scheme and executes it perfectly. Inevitably, the first few rounds end in a super quick K.O. that hides the game’s depth, but as soon as one player dodges a shot, the tense back and forth that can easily go on for minutes makes itself apparent.


Killer Queen Arcade by Josh DeBonis & Nikita Mikros


As a nearly flawless 10 player arcade game, Killer Queen is equal parts effortless fun and a challenge to other game designers to step it up. I’ve written before about how clever the design of this game is and I have never seen it fail to fill up all ten of its player slots when it is brought to an event. If you are lucky enough to be in a room with this massive cabinet, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.


Consentacle by Naomi Clark


Made for this year’s No Quarter Exhibition, this two player card game allows players to flirt and negotiate an alien sexual encounter. It approaches this theme through amazingly clever mechanics allowing play to become a wonderful, empathetic conversation with the person across the table. Jame’s Harvey’s art is just icing on the cake.


Slam City Oracles by Jane Friedhoff


Another No Quarter game, Slam City was created by my partner, Jane and features the playful and energetic art of Jenny Jiao Hsia. You play as two girls who dance so hard that you tear apart a city. If that doesn’t sell you on it, I don’t know what will.


I’m sure I’m forgetting about a ton of great games that I played this year, and if I remember any, I’ll be sure to post!

Going into the new year, I’ll be finishing up both of my current projects, PARTICLE MACE (solo) and Extreme Exorcism (with Golden Ruby Games) so be sure to check those out so they can be on your end of the year list in 2015!

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Particle Mace

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While getting ready to take the PARTICLE MACE arcade machine down to D.C. for the Indie Arcade event at the Smithsonian American Art Museum this Saturday I wanted to take a moment to highlight the amazing mini-arcade machine that Mark Kleeb made as a going away present to one of his fellow DBA housemates when their venue was shut down last month. For those not aware, Death By Audio was the original home of the PARTICLE MACE machine and Mark was hugely instrumental in the machine happening at all.

Mark’s roommate Eden was a huge fan of the game while it resided at DBA so he built a special cabinet with a smaller screen and one joystick for Eden to keep playing wherever he goes. I worked with Mark to make a special build of the game that was setup for the single player arcade format. All of this was kept secret from Eden.

Check it out (The keyboard was just for testing. The machine is self contained):



Here are shots of it in Mark’s studio while it was still being built.IMG_4255


Here we are bringing it from mark’s Studio to DBA where it was secretly brought in while somebody distracted Eden. That’s me on the right. IMG_0056


Enjoy your new home, little PARTICLE MACE arcade!

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PARTICLE MACE Version 0.42

Particle Mace

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A new build of PARTICLE MACE went out last week to the folks who bought it on Steam, Humble or!

Most of what was done was bug fixes and balancing, but there are a handful of new features to check out:

- Speed Run Timer for missions! Now you can see how long it took you to beat all of the missions. Exciting and challenging! Compete with your friends!

- Color Blind mode. There is now an option to switch the colors up to something a little more friendly to folks with red/green color blindness. This is still new and untested, so if you are colorblind, please let me know what you think of it!

- The border now has some randomness to it’s movements, so you can’t just memorized anymore.

- PS4 and Xbox One controllers now supported out of the box.


Here’s color blind mode in action:


Have fun!

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The PARTICLE MACE Arcade Machine

Particle Mace

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I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, (the object in questions almost 6 months old), but PARTICLE MACE has an arcade machine! An honest to god, upright cabinet for all your galactic dog fighting needs.


Building it has been a blast, and seeing folks play it has been even better. This is going to be a few quick snapshots about the project: where it was built, why it was built and what it’s doing now (besides being played so much that it falls apart).

Here’s the machine getting ready to leave Maker Faire along with Crystal Brawl:


Look at it! Isn’t it pretty! It has a distinct DIY aesthetic, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A one of a kind box for a one of a kind game, right? It features four controllers, all analog (more on that in a bit!), and a snazzy vertical monitor. It has an attract mode, and of course, a local high score list complete with initials entry. The competition has been fierce. It currently resides at the Babycastles gallery in NYC.



None of this would be possible without Mark Kleeback and his home/venue, Death By Audio, where the machine resided for its first three months. If you are unfamiliar with Death By Audio, this is a terrible time to learn about it. The venue has been around for years, offering up no frills amazing shows in Brooklyn, but it is sadly closing its doors in the next week. The space is always electric and I have never had a bad or boring time there. It will be replaced by offices for Vice magazine, but that’s another story. I highly recommend this good-bye article to get a sense of this fantastic space. Sadly, it only came onto my own radar in the past year or so when Mark started contacting local indie game devs to do games focussed events and build arcade machines for the space. At the second Deathmatch by Audio event (which debuted the cabinets for Field1 and Crystal Brawl, both fantastic local MP games), I was invited to have PARTICLE MACE running on a screen. This was fairly early in the existence of the game’s multiplayer mode, and may have been the third ever showing of deathmatch.


Apparently that was good enough for Mark, though! Over the next few weeks, he helped me immensely in building the cabinet for PARTICLE MACE by offering up his space, tools, expertise and most importantly, time, to bring the cabinet into existence. Also of great use, was this blog post by Crystal Brawl’s John Stokes, which I highly recommend to anybody looking to build their own custom machine.

One of the biggest questions to answer is why? Why build an arcade machine? It took a lot of time, not to mention more money than I was originally expecting. While it may seem obvious (Arcade machines are awesome!) I did have to give it some thought. Ultimately, it was the appeal of the tangible that made it irresistible. I have always enjoyed installation pieces and have relished the opportunities I have had to create them. As somebody who spends most of his creative effort making digital objects, it is thrilling to have something that can be touched, where I can hold the joystick and run my hand over the paint. It’s an embodiment of my work, and gives physicality to something that is typically strictly digital.


Having a physical machine also allows for the game to interact with the public in an incredibly satisfying way. Watching people play the game while they wait for the next set to start is fantastic, and I know that if it were not for the big colorful box and alluring joystick toppers, that would never happen. And as exciting as it was to see attendees to shows playing it was, hearing stories of bands that were late to the stage because some members were busy with my game was better. My apologies to the audience, but only a little.



Really, if you want to know about building your own machine, you should check out John’s excellent post about the Crystal Brawl cabinet. I have very little to add on a tech level, but I did have one interesting issue come up while building the PARTICLE MACE cabinet with Mark: the game absolutely requires analog sticks. I didn’t think much about this at first, but as it turns out this is a far more niche requirement than I realized. As you may or may not know, most arcade sticks consist of four or eight (or 16 in some extreme cases) switches underneath stick itself. These are turned on or off as you move the stick and act like a d-pad on a controller. This is fine for most games, but having direction and intensity locked like that would kill a game like PARTICLE MACE that requires tight control. There are trackballs used in games like Golden Tee, but that’s about it for analog.

I tried hacking an xbox controller to see if I couldn’t mount a stick on top of it, but besides getting a few fun pictures of my Frienken-stick, it did not go anywhere especially useful. I have a strong feeling that this style of controller would have lasted about 20 minutes in an actual venue.


As it turns out, there is exactly one company that sells analog arcade sticks. The Ultrastick 360 was my only choice, but the fact that my computer would read it as a standard game controller  made life easy. The price tag was a little intimidating as it was much higher than any other sticks, even high end ones, but so it goes. I needed the joysticks to last so I opted not to use my homebrew. Although this was overall a good decision, I will warn other folks looking to make cabinets that the two front sticks have worn out in a rather dissapointing way in the time that the machine has been active. The Ultrastick 360s were very easy to work with, but not as hardy as I would have hoped for.

Life On The Road

Since its birth, the PARTICLE MACE machine has been to a few places. There’s a small collective of us in the DBA arcade club, with Mark at the helm, doing his best to bring our little cavalcade of DIY arcade games to new and exciting places. After spending a few months at Death By Audio distracting fans and bands alike, all of arcade machines took a trip around the block to the Lwlvls festival also in Brooklyn.


After that we went to Maker Faire and shared our space with some amazing home made pinball machines.


After that it was off to Babycastles. I was particularly excited by this as Babycastles has been a constant source of cool in my life since I first went to their location at the Silent Barn four or five years ago. Shortly after that I was able to show a game jam game at a Wu Tang concert they were hosting, an accomplishment that remains on my resume to this day. I have been hoping to once again show work their and I’m thrilled to have my machine taking up space in their fantastic gallery.


There will be some exciting announcements in the next few weeks. The PARTICLE MACE arcade is not done moving around just yet. But for now, if you want to play it, you’ll need to stop by any number of awesome events at Babycastles and give it a go. And do yourself a favor and check out Death By Art, the final exhibition at Death By Audio, and check any of the amazing bands that they are booking in the space every night before they close their door on Nov 22nd.


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PARTICLE MACE How To: Turning On Exhibition Mode

Particle Mace

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Just a quick one here. It is possible to set PARTICLE MACE to a deathmatch-only exhibiton mode by messing with the XML a bit. Here’s how:

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Particle Mace

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Yes yes! You heard right: We have some of the bravest, boldest vector shape pilots around, and right here, right now, we are going to award some fabulous prizes to celebrate just how high they scored at PARTICLE MACE this weekend. This is the real deal, folks, and if you so much as blinked, you probably missed it, because these players are not messing around. I repeat: They are not messing around!

Yes, the winners are in!

I will need to reach out to each winner over the next day so prizes are still up for grabs, if I cannot contact winners soon, they will be bumped, and amazing games will go to the next highest players. A terrible shame, but so it goes.

Right now, though, we’re looking at these amazing winners:


3rd place – Ironmaus – 662
The third place winner of Asteroids mode will win a free copy of The Splits, the wonderful troll core collection currently up on Kickstarter by Ilya Zarembsky! NAME will receive a Dropbox link now and a Steam code when available!

2nd place – Wumph – 762
Second place wins a copy of Nest, the amazing felted 2v2 game by The Hand Dye Company, as well as a copy of The Splits! Good going!

1st place – waiwha – 813
And the winner of the Asteroid category receives a Steam key for Action Henk, Rage Squid‘s twitchy runner staring an overweight action figure as well as Nest and The Splits! Congrats NAME, you are the best at Asteroids!

An excellent showing by all parties, the Asteroids difficulty was a close race. Also, get used to the names waiwha and Wumph. I didn’t think to put a limit on how many categories a player could win in, an oversight on my part when I failed to consider just how good at PARTICLE MACE some of the combatants could be. Sorry everybody else, and congrats waiwha and Wumph. Get ready to enjoy some games.

A special congrats to Ironmaus, our only non-Steam player. Thanks for repping either or Humble!



3rd place – emptygrows – 4232
Bringing in some serious local multiplayer fun, the third place winner receives a copy of Skyhook, a vicious little four player gripping hook combat game with some very adorable characters.

2nd place – A97Penguino – 5383
And we’re not letting the local multiplayer theme end there, our second place winner will receive a copy of Futbol Forever by genieBox Studios, the floaty space sport that encourages us to gave upon our future while we remember our past. NAME will also receive a copy of Skyhook

1st place – Wumph – 9256
And the champion of easy mode will receive Max Gentlemen, the no hold bared manners simulator from The Men Who Wear Many Hats. This is a free game that has a lot of unlock able content, and the winner receives the complete DLC package for the game along with Skyhook and Futbol Forever!

All winners in this batch were from Steam, and while they all did very well, easily passing the score requirement for the Easy Mode achievement, Wumph was far and away the victor, with a score that I did not realize was possible. Congrats, Wumph! This is why we’re still in early access. I might be making some tweaks based on that score. Also, hello emptygrows, our other multiple category winner.

3rd place – emptygrows – 3323
Third place receives Extreme Exorcism, a haunted arena platformer that I helped make at Golden Ruby Games. You will have so much fun that you will bleed. I promise.

2nd place – Wumph – 3996
Hope you like strange physics combat games, NAME, because you are getting the deceptively deep Clobsters by Christ Hart. Live your dreams of crustacean combat as well as receiving a copy of Extreme Exorcism!

1st place- waiwha – 4356
And finally, our winner of Hard Mode, NAME, will receive a copy of ROCKETS ROCKETS ROCKETS, a game as intense and twitchy as it is gorgeous. NAME will also be getting Clobsters and Extreme Exorcism.

And here we see the names we already knew and loved. You guys were some no nonsense PARTICLE MACE players and soon you will have the games to prove it, to say nothing of the glory.

I’ll be contacting the winers over the course of the next day. If you are one of the lucky few, feel free to get in touch at @particlemace or You are all winners in my eyes.

Thanks for making PARTICE MACE’s Early Access launch weekend so much fun!

Finally, I want to give a huge shout out to all of the devs who donated their games. If you were not one of the winners (and Wumph, waiwha & emptygrows probably made sure you weren’t), you should absolutely click on all of those links and check out these amazing games. Every one being given away is a personal favorite and if you are even remotely interested in arcade game,s you owe it to yourself to play them !


And if you didn’t get in in time for this contest, that’s OK, you can still have a hell of a time playing PARTICLE MACE by buying it at, or by using this widget right here:

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PARTICLE MACE is on Steam Early Access! You can win amazing prizes!

Particle Mace

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Did you know that PARTICLE MACE is now available on Steam Early Access? IT IS! You can buy the alpha right here

To celebrate PARTICLE MACE coming to Steam Early Access, and to get those high score boards lighting up, this weekend we will be running a PARTICLE MACE HIGH SCORE CONTEST. All high scores placed in the next 3 days on either the Steam, Humble or versions of the game are eligible to win FANTASTIC PRIZES in the form of some amazing games from creators generous enough to let me include them in this contest. We’ve got 9 games total to give away to the 3 top scores in each single player arcade mode (Easy, Hard & Asteroid). Winners will be announced based on the leaderboard on Monday (9/22) at 11:59pm Eastern.


Earning 2nd place in a difficulty nets you the 3rd and 2nd place games. Taking the top spot will get you all three games for the difficulty! Everybody who places will also receive a Steam code for the early access release of PARTICLE MACE to give a friend (or enemy!).

I will be resetting the leaderboards because certain ships have been tweaked, so we’ll have a clean start to the contest. If you are playing on Steam, we will get in touch with you through your Steam user name. For Humble or, enter your Twitter handle as your high score name to be eligible.

IMPORTANT: If you are playing on the Humble or version you MUST be using the newest verison of the game (0.41) MUST enter your name as your Twitter handle or we will have no way of verifying who got the winning score. If that happens, we will have to skip you and give the prize to the next player. That would suck, right? Don’t have a twitter handle? Prove your love of PARTICLE MACE and make one just for this contest!

If you are already a tester, Version 0.41 is available form whatever service you got the game on. Either your Humble page or page should have the new download for you.


So those are the rules, but what about the FABULOUS PRIZES? Well here are the games we’ve got on deck!



1st PlaceMax Gentlemen

The Men Who Wear Many Hats were kind enough to provide Steam DLC codes for their extreme manners simulator, Max Gentlemen. I was next to them in the IndieMINIBOOTH, and fell in love with the fast-paced hat stacking, beer drinking, bear brawling action. I also left the high score on their game, because I’m great. The simple concept makes for a deceptively twitchy and deep arcade game that you should totally check out because the basic version of it is FREE on Steam, iOS, and Android.
■ Winner gets a Steam code for the game’s sizable DLC.


2nd PlaceFútbol Forever

A serious up-and-comer in the NYC eSports scene, Fútbol Forever, by genieBox Studios, is a wonderful, space age take on the classic sport. Deliberately floaty, Fútbol creates an intense and often comedic eSport from bare-bones physics interactions, a design strategy always dear to PARTICLE MACE. In the eternal contest between Space Brazil and Barcenova, I will always support Space Brazil. This game is currently not available anywhere, so you will be the only kid on your block to be playing it.
■ Winners gets a .Exe or Mac app.


3rd Place
Sky Hook
Another lovely local multiplayer game from the NYC scene, Sky Hook caught my eye at an IDGA meetup a few months ago, and has only gotten better since I first played it. Four players face off in a single screen arena, equipped only with grappling hooks that act as both their way of getting around and their weapon. This simple but effective mechanic is further bolstered by vehicles that can be quickly commandeered for big attacks. Part of why I like the game is how seamless the use of the vehicles feel in the game; playing it definitely took me back to my first time playing Halo.
■ Winners gets a Humble code for the beta and final versions of the game when released.




Have you played this game? It’s amazing! If you haven’t played it, you should win this contest and try it out. Not unlike PARTICLE MACE, players take control of small rockets in bright geometric battle fields and attempt to blow each other out of the sky. The weapons, camera work and ship trails all make for a dizzying, stunning battle that is accented by perfect crystalline sound effects. This sucker is on Steam Early Access right now and is absolutely worth your time.
■ Winner gets a Steam Code for the early access version of the game.


2nd Place
Can we get weird for a moment? OK. Cool. Clobsters is a physics simulation of four lobsters fighting in a field of sea urchins. The silly concept makes for some fascinating physics interactions as the bottom-heavy lobsters grapple with each other for survival. I really love this game, which is why I pestered its creator, Chris Hart, to give away a copy before he’s done with it, so this is another exclusive. Ain’t no way to get this game except to score like a hero. Coincidentally, Chris is very good at PARTICLE MACE, so maybe he’ll win his own game just to keep it under wraps. Drama!
■ Winners get a .Exe or Mac app.


3rd Place
Extreme Exorcism
Full disclosure: I work for a company called Golden Ruby Games during the day, and we make awesome games. At the moment, we are just finishing up Extreme Exorcism, an arena platformer where every enemy in the game is a ghost of your previous round. You fight off these ghosts with a huge arsenal of weapons, but you’ll need to watch out because everything you do will come back to haunt you.
■ Winners gets a .Exe of the game, and a Steam code once it is released.



1st Place
Action Henk
Another new friend from PAX Prime, Action Henk is a little like Trials, if instead of a motorbike, you controlled an action figure of an overweight guy. It is also one of the most Sonic-y games I have played in a long time. After giving most of my day over to it when I returned from PAX, I still have not gotten gold metals on every course, but I will. I will. If you are into any sort of fast-paced, smooth flow gameplay, you should check this one out on Early Access.
■ Winner receives a Steam Early Access code.


2nd PlaceNest
One of the only felted games I know of, Nest, by The Hand Dye Company, is a fast paced, capture-the-flag game for four players. Each player takes control of a small, flying creature that spits balls at their opponents in an attempt to take the other team’s nest. All of the assets in the game were hand-made and stop motion-animated before being imported into the game, creating a unique and gorgeous look. It is still in development and not publicly available anywhere. Anywhere except this high score contest that is!

■ Winners gets a .Exe.


3nd Place
The Splits
Trollcore at its finest, The Splits is a collection of six extremely difficult, twitchy high score games currently up on Kickstarter. Hair-pulling difficulty gives way to sublime focus if you can work up the nerve to master the tight mechanics that any of the games offer. Over Easy is my personal favorite of the bunch, and has consumed a shocking amount of my time when you consider that my high score is only 38 seconds. And if you have $5000 on hand, you can win The Splits By Mail, a reward tier designed by me as a joke over Facebook!
■ Winners will receive a Dropbox link to the game and a Steam key when it comes out on that platform.



The contest starts TODAY! When the game launches on Early Access! Polish up your skills and get ready to win some games!

Come Monday, we will be ready to give away some games.

Want to share this amazing info with all of your amazing friends so you can win amazing games? Obviously you do. Who wouldn’t? Why not use this handy image that links right back to this page! Share it on Instagram! Print it and put it inside a public restroom! Yell about it on the street! Follow your heart and win some games by playing PARTICLE MACE.


And just in case it was not clear:


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